Locker refurbishing is the most cost effective way to breath new life into your old lockers. Through a thorough process of fixing faulty parts where possible, replacing parts where necessary, and applying fresh coats of paint, refurbishing can bring your lockers to a better-than-new condition for only 20% – 30% of the price of replacing lockers!

The Process:

Champion will conduct a free on site examination and submit a proposal. When the time comes to refurbish we will begin as follows:

  • Replace all missing nuts and bolts with rivets for added durability
  • Re-anchor any unstable lockers to walls
  • Protect and mask all areas to be left unpainted
  • Prepare locker surfaces for proper adhesion using a liquid sanding process
  • Paint on site and in place using an electrostatic painting process (you may choose from our wide range of colors)
  • Attach new number plates to complete the refinished look

No fog and no mess. Champion will have the job done efficiently without causing any distraction to students or inconvenience to staff. The end result is a textured finish that is durable and scratch resistant.

On Site Examination

Upon your request Champion will schedule an on site, thorough examination of your lockers so that we may accurately provide you with a proposal, free of charge.  Once you decide to refurbish, your representative will schedule a convenient time for the work that will cause minimal disruption to your facilities and daily activities.


The electrostatic painting process utilized by Champion Lockers ensures maximum adhesion and durability. This process eliminates wasteful over spray, which saves you money and lowers V.O.C. emissions.